Legal Practice Areas

Construction Defects
TAMPALAW has litigated a number of cases throughout Florida alleging construction, design, and engineering defects. We have been retained to represent various parties including owners, contractors, subcontractors, insurance companies, and others.

Commercial and Business Litigation
Our firm has represented clients in varying types of commercial and business disputes involving cases with single and multi party claims. Some of these types of claims can include shareholders' disputes, construction and engineering contract disputes, intellectual property claims, landlord and tenant disputes, commercial torts, contract disputes, fraud claims, unfair business practices, and conversion.

Products Liability
Product liability cases take many forms and can encompass many types of situations that either result in minor or sometimes even catastrophic damage claims. The legal defense for designers, manufacturers and distributors of products who have been sued based upon a product liability theory normally include claims that the specific product was designed or labeled poorly, was exposed to a manufacturing defect, was tampered with, or overall had some unintended result during the course of its production or distribution.

Real Estate
TAMPALAW can assist you with simple or complex real estate matters. By working closely with our clients, we are able to understand their needs and plan a strategy which will meet or exceed their expectations. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we are willing to assist you in addressing the questions and concerns that relate to your real estate transaction. We have represented clients in matters involving single party land sale transactions and in matters involving multiparty complex real estate transactions. In addition, our attorneys are familiar with and can assist you in the preparation and/or review of residential and commercial real estate contracts as well as transactional documents.

Insurance Defense
Our firm has been retained by insurance companies to represent the interests of their insureds in various cases involving claims for construction defects, contract disputes, personal injury, automobile negligence, slip and fall, wrongful death, and other general liability claims throughout the State of Florida in both State and Federal Courts.

TAMPALAW can assist you in Aviation related matters that include the purchase, sale of aircraft and/or aviation related products. In addition, we are able to provide representation to commercial operators and pilots in licensing and administrative proceedings before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Personal Injury
The Law Office of Thamir A.R. Kaddouri, Jr. P.A. has been engaged to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in varying types of personal injury actions. The most critical part of representing clients in these types of actions stems from an ability to understand the circumstances that led to the injury including the associated medical issues and its correlation to any alleged damages. Most personal injury cases involve a claim of “negligence” which requires evidence to substantiate four required elements and they include: duty, breach of that duty, causation, and damages.

Appeals, Writs, & Trial Support
TAMPALAW provides comprehensive representation and support in all appeals or extraordinary writs generated from cases within the firm as well as appeals that have been referred to us by others.  Our appellate work includes those practice areas in which we routinely represent clients at the trial level, as well as the representation of contractors, owners, landlords, tenants, corporations, officers, directors, partners, sole practitioners, and insurance companies involved in all aspects of appellate litigation.

Automobile Negligence
The Law Office of Thamir A.R. Kaddouri, Jr. P.A. has handled varying types of auto negligence cases which have varied from minor damage claims, to more complex and significant damage claims including pedestrian accidents, multi-vehicle accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Premises Liability
Our representation of property owners includes matters in which the real property is intended for business use as well as real property intended for personal use.