Insurance Defense

The Law Office of Thamir A.R. Kaddouri, Jr. P.A. has been retained by insurance companies to represent the interests of their insureds in various cases involving claims for construction defects, contract disputes, personal injury, automobile negligence, slip and fall, wrongful death, and other general liability claims throughout the State of Florida in both State and Federal Courts.

Although TAMPALAW is often retained by an insurance company on behalf of its insured, our focus, attention and efforts are directed to the best interests of the insured, who is our client. There are cases that pose significant damage claims while there are others that do not. Cases may vary, but our defense strategy does not. We make every effort to obtain critical evidence as early as possible, evaluate potential exposure for the client, and either attempt to resolve the case or move it toward trial.

Our focus on aggressive defense strategies and the implementation of cost-effective litigation tools has resulted in beneficial opportunities, which include reduced costs associated with settlements as well as cases that have resulted in outright dismissal of claims. There are a number of approaches which are used in striving toward this goal in our continued focus to finding the most efficient means to service our client's needs. TAMPALAW puts heavy emphasis on providing a quick evaluation, regular and detailed reporting, and attempting to move the case toward an early resolution, if possible. This focus on efficiency translates into cost savings while enhancing the quality of legal representation.

Our insurance defense strategies are simple -- we believe that aggressive and decisive action on behalf of the insured, strategic case planning, and adherence to the insurance defense or corporate risk management protocols put us in the best position to deliver the best outcome possible. Moreover, we recognize that litigation costs often require allocations or reserve placements for various clients, and we provide detailed budget estimates to help forecast costs and expenses. Finally, we also review the outcome of our cases in order to help us better evaluate the effectiveness of case handling, strategies we employed, and the overall results achieved for the client.

The attorneys at TAMPALAW recognize that with the ever-changing world economy, one of the most significant challenges for our clients is the high costs associated with defending and paying claims. Frequently, the opposing counsel representing the claimant attempts to use potential associated litigation costs as leverage. However, we believe that we can overcome this mentality by identifying critical flaws and exposing the weaknesses in our opponent's case early on. This can be achieved by employing an aggressive defense strategy, developing a full and clear picture of the claimant’s past and current medical history, implementing the use of experts to assist in addressing alleged damage claims, as well as utilizing detail-oriented cutting edge investigative techniques.